Upcoming book: Beyond PISA – International and comparative education

In February 2017 we release the first book from the project. It is an edited volume in Swedish. The book is titled Beyond PISA. International and comparative education (eds. Joakim Landahl and Christian Lundahl).

International large-scale assessments, like PISA, help to rank countries’ school systems, as well as to point out who is considered to have succeeded or failed. But it is important not to stop there, without looking further and beyond these measurements.

The book Beyond PISA goes beyond the question of how countries’ school systems can be ranked. Instead of seeking answers to the question of how national systems of education can be developed through international comparisons, the book uses international outlooks to provide perspective and broadening horizons.

With an international perspective, the specific features of the Swedish educational tradition and changes over time are made visible, as well as international trends, tendencies and differences. The book provides an alternative to the cemented debate on school performance and highlights aspects of education that international assessments tend to neglect.

The book consists of twelve different chapters by ten Swedish and international scholars.


Bortom pisa

For information in Swedish see the publisher Natur och Kultur, here.

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Christian Lundahl

Christian Lundahl, Professor of education, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Örebro university.

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